TARA Akshar+

Adult Literacy Program
"Providing literacy solutions to empower lives"


The conventional wisdom is that, the hard part of learning is to memorize the letters and syllables. But it is found that if the learners have an instinctive recognition of all the letters, the subsequent stages of learning become easier.

The journey of TARA Akshar+ has evolved through stages of intensive grass-root level research and study of best practices globally. It uses a revolutionary Memory-hook technique for teaching which has been proven to be an immensely effective and powerful methodology.

The learners are trained to instantly recognize the sound of letter and syllable to easily form words and sentences. We call this the effective 'Memory Hook technique'. We have come up with a method of learning letters and numbers in a revolutionary way by the use of Memory Hook technique embedded in animated movies. We reinforce the learning with various daily activities and video- gaming techniques.