Is the software package fully developed?+
Is the software package stable or does it require extensive support?+
Do you have all the support, all the processes, systems, and organisation in place?+
How are you able to deliver this on a large scale?+
Can anyone train students on TARA Akshar+?+
What qualifications must an instructor have?+
How long do you train the instructors?+
Can the course be delivered as a self-paced online course?+
What topics do you cover in the Instructor Course?+
What resources do you need for the course room?+
How long do lessons take?+
How many students are there in one batch?+
How important is the quality of the instructor?+
Do you ever fire instructors?+
Don’t you sometimes get “bad” batches of difficult students?+
What about students with learning difficulties?+
Is the course timing critical?+
Why 100 minutes?+
If I want to train 1000 students in my area in one year, how much will it cost me altogether?+
How do your results compare to the Indian Government’s NLM Total Literacy Movement in the past?+
Aren’t we better off using TCS’s CBFL system? It uses pattern-recognition as a technique. It’s an “Analytic” (learn letters in the context of words) system as opposed to a “Synthetic” (learn words after letters) system. What do you use?+

B-32, Tara Crescent, Qutub Institutional Area
Website: www.devalt.org

New Delhi -110016. India.

Ph: 011-2654-4100, 011-2654-4200

Email: mail@devalt.org


TARA Akshar+, has just been awarded a WISE Education Award 2016. August 3,2015

7th and 8th cycle of Gyan Chaupali Total 204 centers are running in Rampur (75), Ramnagar (54) and Mariyahun (75) district of Jaunpur, in Eastern Uttar Pradesh.August 3,2015