TARA Akshar+

Adult Literacy Program
"Providing literacy solutions to empower lives"


Is the software package fully developed?+
Is the software package stable or does it require extensive support?+
Do you have all the support, all the processes, systems, and organisation in place?+
How are you able to deliver this on a large scale?+
Can anyone train students on TARA Akshar+?+
What qualifications must an instructor have?+
How long do you train the instructors?+
Can the course be delivered as a self-paced online course?+
What topics do you cover in the Instructor Course?+
What resources do you need for the course room?+
How long do lessons take?+
How many students are there in one batch?+
How important is the quality of the instructor?+
Do you ever fire instructors?+
Don’t you sometimes get “bad” batches of difficult students?+
What about students with learning difficulties?+
Is the course timing critical?+
Why 100 minutes?+
How do your results compare to the Indian Government’s NLM Total Literacy Movement in the past?+
Aren’t we better off using TCS’s CBFL system? It uses pattern-recognition as a technique. It’s an “Analytic” (learn letters in the context of words) system as opposed to a “Synthetic” (learn words after letters) system. What do you use?+