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TARA Akshar+ aims to take literacy to every woman who missed out on the basic but extremely essential skill due to reasons that may be out of her control. We aim to tap into the large amount of latent potential that rural women of our nation constitute and progress towards a developed nation which nurtures both its men and women alike.


Illiteracy is a social disease that needs attention. The current state of literacy for girls and women in rural areas in India is very grim. Through TARA Akshar+, we aim to impart foundational literacy to rural and peri-urban women and cultivate a future where gender does not determine one’s ability to read & write and give themselves a dignified life.


  • To reach out to 1 million women over the span of next 10 years, facilitating and encouraging foundational literacy amongst illiterate women from rural areas and backward urban areas.
  • To create awareness among women about basic healthcare, legal rights and laws that are necessary for them at an individual and community level.
  • To conduct interactive session for neo-literates where they learn about ways to be included in the formal economy and contribute to the GDP.
  • To generate income opportunities by collaborations for neo-literates and assist them through the required process

quote Bridging the Path From Misery to Hope




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